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Justice For Laudemer Arboleda

November 19, 2018
By: Melissa C Nold
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On November 3, 2018 at approximately 11:00 am, an unknown person called the Danville Police Department to report a man acting ‘suspiciously’ near Cottage Lane and Laurel Drive, in Danville. The caller did not report any criminal activity whatsoever. Danville Police Officers responded to the scene and found Mr. Laudemer Arboleda in this car. The officers did not observe Mr. Laudemer committing any crime or infraction.

Mr. Arboleta drove away from the officers. Without case, Danville Police Officers decided to pursue Mr. Arboleda down a populated street in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. As Mr. Arboleta attempted to slowly drive away past the officers into the intersection of Front Street and Diablo Road, Danville Police Officer Andrew Hall opened fire into Mr. Arboleda’s car as it passed the officer.

Mr. Arboleda was stuck with gunfire and incapacitated his car foreseeably continued to move forward and stuck multiple cars. Upon information and belief, Claimant alleges that the County of Contra Costa does not have a polity prohibiting officers from shooting into a moving vehicle, which is contrary to recommended police practices.

                   Laudemer Arboleda    Laudemer Arboleda    Laudemer Arboleda     Laudeme Arboleda

The Department of Justice, prominent policing experts, and most major police department guidelines prohibit shooting into moving cars, citing the inherent risk of safety to the public once the vehicle’s driver becomes incapacitated and unable to control de car.

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