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Justice for Adrian Burrell

February 19, 2019
By: Lee Houskeeper
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Adrian Burrell

Adrian Burrell was  detained and injured by Vallejo police officer David McLaughlin on January 22nd 2019.

On January 22, 2019, at approximately 3:00 p.m., Claimant Adrian Burrell was inside of his home, on the 100 block of Bryon Street, in Vallejo, California. Mr. Burrell was awaiting the arrival of his cousin Michael Walton.


Mr. Burrell was inside of his home when he noticed Mr. Walton had pulled into the driveway of his home on his motorcylce while a Vallejo Police Department SUV was parked directly in front of his home facing oncoming traffic. Mr. Burrell walked outside of his home to see what was going on.

When Mr. Burrell came outside he saw a police officer (later identified as Vallejo Police Officer David McLaughlin) standing in the door jam of his patrol car, pointing a gun at Mr. Walton. Mr. Walton was still wearing his helmet and Mr. Burrell immediately called out to Officer McLaughlin to notify him that Mr. Walton likely could not hear him due to the helmet. Officer McLaughlin aggressively told Mr. Burrell to go back into his house. At this point Mr. Burrell was standing on his porch, a minimum of 40 feet away away from Officer McLaughlin who was still standing in the street but next to the curb in front of the home.

Mr. Burrell declined to go back into the house as he was rightfully located on his own property while remaining an objectively safe distance away from the officer. Mr. Burrell began using his cellular phone to record what he perceived to be a potentially deadly situation.

Officer McLaughlin approached Mr. Walton from behind while he aiming his gun at the motorcylcist. Officer McLaughlin again told Mr. Burrell to get back and again he declined. At this time Mr. Burrell was located on his raised porch, approximately 33 feet away from Officer McLaughlin. Officer McLaughlin again told Mr. Burrell to ‘get back’ although Mr. Burrell had not left the confines of his porch.

Officer McLaughlin threatened to handcuff and place Mr. Burrell into his patrol car. Then, Officer McLaughlin turned his back to Mr. Walton, whom he had been holding at gunpoint, holstered his gun and rushed towards the porch where Mr. Burrell was still standing, leaving Mr. Walton unattended.

Officer McLaughlin accused Mr. Burrell of interfering and physcially took hold of Mr. Burrell. Next, Officer McLaughlin violently threw Mr. Burrell into the outside wall of the house, then swung him around causing Mr. Burrell to hit his head against a wooden pillar.

The Officer placed Mr. Burrell and Mr. Walton into a patrol car. Mr. Burrell notified Officer McLaughlin that he had a military service related injury and asked to have his handcuffs placed in the front of his body. Officer McLaughlin declined to move the handcuffs. Nevertheless, Officer McLaughlin’s tone changed after he learned of Mr. Burrell’s military service and shortly thereafter unhandcuffed and released Mr. Burrell from the backseat of the patrol car and ultimately thanked him for his military service.


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