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Jonathan Strickland

February 6, 2023

Jonathan Strickland

What: Press conference announcing the filing of a federal lawsuit on behalf of Jonathan Strickland  for civil rights violations and injuries suffered in a March 11, 2021 “Military-Style Attack by Las Cruces NM police offices
 Where: The U.S. District Court, 100 N Church St, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Who: California Civil Rights Attorneys, John Burris (Rodney King’s Lawyer), DeWitt Lacy, and Jonathan Strickland
When: 11:00 AM, Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Las Cruces NM—-At 11 AM Wednesday, February 8, Civil Rights Attorney John Burris of the Law offices of Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry, and Lacy “BNCL” will hold a press conference on the steps of The U.S. District Court in Las Cruces, New Mexico announcing the filing of a federal lawsuit alleging that Jonathan Strickland’s civil rights were violated by Las Cruces, NM, Police officers.
In March of 2021, Mr. Jonathon Strickland was in an extremely troubled marriage; Strickland’s wife Brandi had made a false abuse complaint to the Las Cruces police that she later recanted. On March 11, 2021, Mr. Strickland drove to the Las Cruces, NM, police station to clear it up. While en route, his still angry wife told the police that her husband was armed (he wasn’t) angry and headed their way.
Units of the Las Cruces police department immediately sprang into action and got into position. When Strickland arrived, he felt something was wrong and turned around. Police cars came from everywhere. After a short chase, they performed a forced stop on Strickland’s vehicle and immediately, without warning, unloaded their weapons, discharging over 90 rounds at the unarmed Strickland, who was seated in his car and posing no threat. One officer crashed his vehicle and crawled out, emptying two clips from his AR-15 automatic assault rifle.
Miraculously, Mr. Strickland, after being struck at least a dozen times, was not killed but was struck at least a dozen times and suffered gunshot wounds to his pelvis, shoulder, neck, and back.
On March 24, 2021, Brandi Strickland recanted all the charges she made to the police saying in a sworn statement, “Johnathan did not abuse me, I did not tell officers the truth.”
Civil Rights attorney John Burris states, “This is a classic example of shoot first and ask questions later.”
Burris’s partner DeWitt Lacy states, “Black and Brown people should not have to live in terror.” and calls the show of force a scandalously egregious and atavistic display of unconstitutional police work.

Download Shocking Police Body Cam Footage:

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Read the complete press release here.

Read Affidavit of Mrs. Strickland:

Read Affidavit of Mrs. Strickland:

Strickland Son Newborn
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Strickland Wildlife
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Strickland Son
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Jonathan Strickland
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Jonathan Strickland
Courtesy of Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry & Lacy Law
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