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Lena Andrews

Burris Nisenbaum Curry & Lacy | Attorney

Lena Andrews brings a fresh voice to Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry & Lacy. In 2020, she joined as a law clerk. Her values and prior experience aligned well with our mission and culture. It seemed only natural that she rejoined our legal team in 2021 as a full-time attorney. Though Lena Andrews’ passion for law flourished at Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry & Lacy while she was a law clerk, it is not where her story began. She had already been actively pursuing matters involving criminal justice and civil rights in Colorado.

Prior to law school, Lena worked as a paralegal for a civil rights law firm in Denver, Colorado. In part, that experience cultivated the decision to obtain a law degree. During law school, she clerked with the Colorado Office of the Public Defender Complex Crimes Unit. There, she immersed herself in several important cases not to mention Colorado’s last death penalty case, People v. Dreion Dearing –– the death penalty was repealed in March 2020 in Colorado.

In the last part of law school, Lena continued to expand her first-hand experience in the criminal justice system. She clerked at Korey Wise Innocence Project, an independent nonprofit that aims to free wrongfully convicted people, prevent wrongful convictions, and create systems of justice that are fairer and more compassionate for everyone. Lena was also a Law Student Municipal Public Defender for Boulder, Colorado through the University of Colorado Law School Criminal Defense Clinic.

The combination of Lena’s experience and a personal mission to exact justice for the most vulnerable people in our society complements the work Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry & Lacy takes on and pursues.

About Lena Andrews
  • University of Colorado Boulder, JD (2021)
  • University of Denver, B.A., Creative Writing, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Criminology (2017)
  • William O. DeSouchet Award for Best Performance in Trial Advocacy, University of Colorado Boulder (2020)
  • State Bar of California, 2022
  • Federal Bar for the Central District of California, 2022
  • Federal Bar for the Northern District of California, 2022
  • Federal Bar for the Southern District of California, 2022
  • Federal Bar for the Eastern District of California, 2022
  • Federal Bar for the Western District of Arkansas, 2022
  • Member, Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles (CAALA)
  • Member, Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA)
  • Member, American Bar Association (ABA)
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Jane Smith v. City of Oakland

Racial profiling of Asian women by police officer resulting in a class action complaint for damages, declaratory and injunctive relief

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